About Us

SEHR Essential was founded in June 2020 by Caitlin Swim and Ethan Klein.  These young, energetic, and ambitious entrepreneurs started a business in the middle of a pandemic and proved it could be done and done well.  

In Spring of 2022, things began to evolve as they always do and Ethan and Caitlin decided it was time to focus their efforts on renovating their new home, taking MBA classes, and advancing their careers. At the same time, Michelle’s career  (“enter” Ethan’s mom)  was evolving as well.  After teaching for twenty years, she decided she was ready for a change.  She retired from teaching business courses and decided to run a business!

While most families pass their businesses down to their kids, Caitlin and Ethan passed “up” SEHR Essential to me, Michelle Klein.  I couldn’t do it without the love, support and heaving lifting of my hubby, Gerry Klein.  If you loved SEHR Essential candles before, I hope you’ll continue to love them. Caitlin and Ethan taught me everything I needed to know.  I promise to keep learning and gathering new information to bring you the highest quality products that have sensible, safe, and simple ingredients that you can feel good about using.

When I’m not making candles, working on the website or packing up orders, you’ll find me on the other side of the SEHR shop working on stained glass projects.  I discovered this hobby about three years ago and fell in love with all the possibilities and the beauty of the glass.  Candles and stained glass…it’s all about the light!

My other passions include my family, friends, biking, hiking, camping and snowshoeing.  Oh, and Wine Wednesday is a very important day of the week!

Gerry and I live with our dog Myah, in what I like to call the “foothills of Rib Mountain.”  If any of you live near slightly larger mountain ranges, you are allowed to chuckle :)  It’s a beautiful area located in central Wisconsin.